What there is a need of Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators for Travel Agencies in Bhutan?

Every Bhutan Tour operator is a member of ABTO, the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators, a not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of the tour operators and the Bhutanese tourism industry.

Bhutan opened to tourism only in the 70s as a government-run enterprise and the first tourist officially arrived in 1974. The industry was liberalised to allow private operators in 1997 and ABTO was formed at the turn of millennium. It is the recognised representative of tour operators in Bhutan and tour operators form its primary membership and is headed by an executive director and governed by a board.

ABTO’s mission is to raise Bhutanese tourism industry to the highest standards of service, ethics and professionalism within the overall development philosophy of the country, which is Gross National Happiness.

Its objective is to represent and promote the collective interests of the Bhutanese tour operators or travel agencies at national and international forums. Being a member of ABTO is a seal of authenticity so every tour company is registered with ABTO to indicate it is a legal and genuine entity operating in Bhutan.

The association maintains a database of all tour operators in the country, which today numbers in the hundreds. Visitors should check to see whether the tour company they wish to come through is a member of the association.

ABTO, with support from the Tourism Council of Bhutan, has been able to lobby for and work towards more efficient arrangements such as processing of visas for visitors.

The association also regularly makes interventions to ensure the market is attractive and serves concerns of operators and visitors. So Book a trip at Bokar website,  it’s a reputed company who follows all the rules and guidelines specified by association of Bhutan.

It also undertakes studies to develop the industry, discourages unfair competition, encourages social activities to promote goodwill and protects the interests of members from malpractices. It also raises or borrows funds that may be required by the association to better the industry.

The association looks forward to feedback from visitors on the quality of tours offered by the operators and suggestions to make it better.

Top 15 Overseas Honeymoon Places to Visit

The honeymoon is one of the most memorable things for a newly married couple. Therefore many people who want to memgh spent honeymoon time also in places that impress and beautiful. Bali and Lombok is one of the best honeymoon venues in India. But apparently many also want to honeymoon abroad.

Top 15 Overseas Honeymoon Places to Visit

For that here are some of the best overseas honeymoon places that can be used as a reference.

1. The Maldives Islands

Maldives is the name of an island that is still located in Asia so affordable from India. Maldives and surrounding islands are often used as a favorite place for couples who want to honeymoon after marriage.

The Maldives Islands themselves are actually composed of many small islands bordering the Indian Ocean. Therefore the scenery is very beautiful.

At night, if tourists sit by the beach, they will see a little sparkling light coming from another so beautiful island. Especially if the weather is bright and equipped with star and moonlight. Definitely the atmosphere would be very romantic.

On the island of Maldives there is also a special program honeymoon called Deserted Couple. In this program, every couple will be taken around, one of them to uninhabited islands. They only provided food, then allowed to explore the island until the afternoon. After the afternoon, they will be picked up again. This program wants to emphasize the impression of the world only belongs to both. How? Unique is not it?

2. Venice

Venice is one of the most popular and romantic honeymoon venues in the world. Venice is also referred to as a floating city is located in Italy. The main transport arena of Venice is not a bus or taxi, but a boat and a boat.

This is because the city of Venice is built on an archipelago, more precisely above 117 islands and connected with canals and bridges. Interesting right?  In addition tourists and couples can enjoy typical Italian buildings in the city of Venice. One way is to climb the Gondola.

Honeymooning here will provide a rewarding experience. It’s best to come in February because in that month there is a celebration or carnival there.

3. Phuket – Thailand

Want to find a close from India? Try coming to Thailand. As one of the countries in Asia Trnggara, this country has an island that became favorite destination in Asia for honeymoon, that is Phuket.

There are many interesting things that can be enjoyed with your partner. In fact, if you do not want complicated, honeymoon couples can ask for help on the resort to prepare romantic travel packages for honeymoon couples.

A variety of interesting activities can be done there, such as a spouse’s spa, islands hopping, sailing cruises, diving and romantic snorkeling together, and can also enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach. Surely this would be the best honeymoon experience.

Even more interesting, couples can also remarry because there is a resort that provides a typical Thai wedding ceremony package. So the couple can feel the thrill of marriage a la Thailand, complete with live music on the beach. In addition, exploring the city of Phucket at night is also exciting. Couples can hunt culinary typical of Thailand there.

4. Cebu – Philippines

Honeymoon with other beach concept other than Pucket is Cebu in Philippines. Still in Southeast Asia, the Philippines does have an unending landscape to discuss. Cebu is one of the islands with small islands around it.

This place could be the right choice for honeymoon couples who do not want to go all the way. Many things can be done there with your partner to enjoy the atmosphere.

Some of the favorite activities of honeymoon couples holidaying in Cebu include sailing on cruises in Mactan and observing sharks in Oslob. In addition couples can also take a honeymoon package that has been prepared by a particular resort. Just choose the best resorts and explore this tropical region with your partner.


5. Udaipur – India

Udaipur is often said to be the most romantic city in India. Of course this is certainly suitable for couples who want to hold a honeymoon or romantic honeymoon. Udaipur is a blend of cultural tourism, historical tours, as well as having a modern part as well. This makes Udaipur very famous.

Honeymoon couples who like history would be suitable to come there. All the tourists who come must be interested to get around the city and into the beautiful ancient buildings. Some of the famous buildings are City Palace Museum and also City Palace itself.

Couples who like cultural treasures can also visit Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal. There are many collections of dolls, masks, and various other things that are very typical of India. There is also a musical performance that can be enjoyed at certain times.

6. Istanbul – Turkey

Want to honeymoon in a beautiful country and have a heterogeneous population? Just come to Turkey. Honeymoon in Istanbul is the best choice for couples who want to get a distinctive atmosphere of western and eastern cultural fusion. This is the attraction of Turkey, where people can live in harmony.

The people there are very friendly. In addition, the beauty of the city of Istanbul no doubt. The city is a fusion of many cultures. Some cultures that control Turkey include Greece, Persia, and also Rome.

There are many places to visit for honeymooners. There are some beautiful historical buildings, such as the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, and Basilica Cistern. Honeymoon couples can also taste a variety of typical Turkish cuisine in the city of Istanbul. There are many traditional foods and processed foods.

7. Abu Dhabi

The next overseas honeymoon is Abu Dhabi. This place is indeed one of the countries whose current name is pretty famous sudag. Abu Dhabi is renowned for its beauty and modern amenities.

If you and your spouse want to honeymoon in a typical area while traveling, this is a suitable location for both of you. There are many resots that can be visited with a concept that is comfortable, luxurious, and elegant. This condition will make the honeymoon couple willing to stay linger there.

In fact there are many resorts that do offer honeymoon packages, so honeymoon couples do not have to bother looking for sights and confused thinking about the price. Interested to honeymoon in this place?

8. Langkawi – Malaysia

Apparently, honeymooners abroad do not need far away, just go to Malaysia alone. This neighboring country also has an interesting destination for couples who want to honeymoon. One of the best places is Langkawi.

This place offers beautiful scenery typical of tropical area with many destinations very beautiful and dear to pass up. Langkawi is also known as Permata Kedah, so its natural beauty must be very interesting. In addition, this place has weather similar to India, so no need to adapt to the new weather.

One of the attractions of Langkawi is the Cable Car. Cable car can provide a beautiful view of Langkawi from a height. From the top can also be seen some small islands around it that is not less beautiful. Find the honeymoon package to Langkawi to be more practical.

9. Hong Kong

The next overseas honeymoon spot is  Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a country in Asia that offers the city’s beauty, cultural riches, julinary delights, as well as a comprehensive shopping tour. The country is also a target for many people who want to honeymoon.

There are many things to do with a couple in Hong Kong. You two can walk around the city while studying Chinese culture firsthand. Exploring this country will never be endless. Moreover, very many food traders who offer many culinary smells good.

This country is suitable as a honeymoon attraction for those who like adventure and the streets of the city while learning many cultures. How? Interested to honeymoon in Hong Kong?

10. Saint Lucia

The next favorite choice is Saint Lucia. This place is a very natural and beautiful place, and offers a unique natural scenery of the archipelago. There are several resorts that can be booked to spend a romantic honeymoon.

Will be presented with blue sea views combined green hills and poking from the flat sea. In addition, the blue color of the ocean will blend with the blue from the sky. All of them will give a very different feel. The honeymooners who come there must be reluctant to go home as soon as possible.


In addition, there are many resorts to choose from, with a swimming pool that directly leads to the ocean. Honeymoon couples can also do water sports together, such as playing kayaking or diving together. The underwater world is very beautiful to explore.

11. Lake Louise – Canada  : Perfect for honeymooners during winter or summer with couples.

Tofino – Vancouver Island : Tofino on Vancouver Island can be visited to enjoy the sunset view with your partner and spend the night there.

13. Florence – Italy : Many ancient buildings with beautiful architecture that can be visited during the honeymoon.

14. Tahiti : Typical coastal tourism that has beautiful scenery and is often used as a romantic honeymoon location and unique.

15. Kenya : There is a typical view of the vast meadows and diverse fauna that pass by, suitable for couples who love to tour in the wild.

Those are some of the honeymoon places abroad that are interesting to visit with your partner. Determine your goal now and find the honeymoon package that suits your character and your partner. Happy honeymoon and happy holiday.

20 Tourist Places in San Francisco that Must Be Visited

Want to travel abroad? This is certainly much dreamed by many people. And one of the most frequent tourist destinations is San Francisco. But maybe not many people know beberpa sights in San Francisco is beautiful and worth to visit.

20 Tourist Places in San Francisco that Must Be Visited

Here are some lists Tourist Places in San Francisco

1. Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco, California. This tourist place is actually a park, but carrying a unique concept with Japanese style.

The earliest history of the establishment of this place is as the Village of Japan for a Midwinter California International Exhibition. But now this place is made jujugan for the tourists from various parts of the world.

The Japanese Tea Garden building is by Makoto Hagiwara, an immigrant who also works as a gardener. This place is designed with most of the garden. Officially, Makoto Hagiwara was appointed to take care of the building until World War II. Therefore, this place also has its own historical value.

2. Transamerica Pyramid

San Francisco also has Transamerica Pyramid. This ink spot is one of the highest skyscrapers and could be best known in the San Francisco skyline. That’s the charm.

Although currently no longer at the headquarters Transamerica Corporation, but this place is still strongly associated with the famous company. So the name of this building is still known as Transamerica Pyramid.

This building was designed by architect named William Pereira and was only completed in about 1972. This building becomes five daei some of the tallest building in the world. Today many tourists from banyk countries who stop there to see it directly.

3. Lombard Street

Lombad Street is one of the highways located between Hyde and Leavenworth streets in San Francisco. Lombard Street itself is famous as a winding road.

Due to the condition and shape of the road is very winding, the speed limit of vehicles on this road is only recommended 8 kilometers per hour only. You can imagine how beelikunya this road.

In addition to Lombad Street, there are also other world-renowned avenues, namely Vermont Street and Snake Alley in Burlington. Lombad Street has its own attractions for foreign tourists or tourists from outside San Francisco. Interested to drive on the street? Please see for yourself.

4. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is one of the objects frequented by tourists in San Francisco, California, United States. This park even became a third most visited park from all over the United States. The total number of visitors to this beautiful park is approximately thirteen million people per year.

The park has an area of ​​4.1 sq km and is wider than Central Park in New York itself. The park was initiated in about the 1860s. At that time, residents of San Francisco felt it necessary for them to have a public park. Then selected a plot of land located near the strait of the Golden Gate.

The main purpose of this park is for the recreation of residents. In addition, the park is also built to be the attraction of the inhabitants so indirectly, the western area of ​​San Francisco can grow.

5. Alcatraz

Alcatraz is the name of an island located in the middle of San Francisco Bay, California, USA. Alcatraz Island is located in coordinates 37 ° 49 ‘LU 122 ° 25’ BB and in the past functioned as a military fortress.

After that, the island has also been used as a fairly tight security prison. But today this island is an island that became a historical site.

This historic island is managed by the National Park Service of the United States as one part of the national tourist attractions of the Golden Gate. The island can be visited by tourists and has been registered as a National Historic Site.

6. Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the neighborhoods and is also a popular tourist attraction in San Francisco. Many tourists from abroad come there.

This place is in the northern coastal area of ​​San Francisco, which covers the area from along Ghirardelli Square or Van Ness Avenue east to Pier 35 or Kearny Street area.

Fisherman’s Wharf is named so because during the Gold Rush, the fishermen who are immigrants from Italy settled in the area. They then have livelihoods there as fishermen to catch fish and also Dungeness crabs.

7. Golden Gate Bridge

The next tourist spot in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge itself is a suspension bridge covering the Golden Gate area, which is a strait on the border of San Francisco and Marin County.

This bridge is the work of an architect named Joseph B. Strauss. It took at least seven years to build this magnificent bridge. Construction of the bridge was completed in 1937.

The attraction of this Golden Gate Bridge is the bridge itself which is the longest suspension bridge in the world. In addition, the bridge has become an internationally recognized symbol in San Francisco. This red and orange bridge makes the bridge easier to see if the weather is bad, for example if a heavy fog starts to appear.

8. Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods National Monument is one part also from the national tourist area of ​​Golden Gate in San Feancisco, California. More precisely this location is in the north of San Francisco.

Muir Woods National Monument is renowned for its towering tall red woods and is one of the windswept areas of the trees to Cathedral Grove and Bohemian Grove along Redwood Creek.

There is also the path of Ben Johnson and Dipsea for tourists can climb the steep hillside to get to the top of the tree. From there will be seen the charming scenery of the Pacific Ocean and also Mount Tamalpais which is in the National Park Section Mount Tamalpais.

9. Pier 39

Pier 39 is a shopping center and also the best place to see popular tourist attractions. Pier 39 is built on a pier in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf area.

In this Pier 39 area, there are several shops, dining venues, restaurants, video arcades, Aquarium Bay, virtual 3D rides, street attractions, as well as views of California sea lions. The pier is also home to the floating Forbes Island restaurant. Carouselis itself is a two-storey building dal is one of the facilities on the dock. Although not directly visible from the streets, Carouselis is very famous.

This place is well worth a visit by tourists from abroad to see the coastal civilization of California and enjoy the entertainment of the popular marine mammal family.

10. Coit Tower

Coit Tower is also known as the Lillian Coit Memorial Tower. This tower is a building that has a height of 210 feet (64 meters). It’s located in Telegraph Hill neighborhood, San Francisco, California.

This tower has a style of art deco building atyle and is a building in the Garden of the Pelopor city. He was also quite old, and was built in 1933 by Lillie Hitchcock Coit. At that time, the purpose of building the tower was to beautify the city of San Francisco itself.

At the time of the death of Coit around 1929, Coit left a third of his property to town to beautify the city. On this basis the tower was proposed in 1931, or 2 years after Coit died as a suitable gift for the city of Coit. Finally, the tower was added to the list of national historic sites on 29 January 2008.

In addition, there are also several other tourist attractions in San Francisco are busy visited by tourists, including:

  1. Palace of Fine Arts Theater
  2. Twin Peaks
  3. Union Square
  4. De Young
  5. Exploratory
  6. Presidio of San Francisco
  7. Chinatown
  8. Oakland Bay Bridge
  9. Painted Ladies
  10. Sutro Bhats

Thus are some tourist attractions in San Francisco that can be visited by tourists. To go abroad, do not forget to always prepare everything well. Have a good vacation.

Top 13 The Most Beautiful Island In The World You Can Visit

The most beautiful island in the world who became a traveler to the entire island that exist in the world, it is impossible. But it turns out we can also go to many islands in the world, but with a note if we are intent to get there. Do you know if we often go to a place and place is a strange place, then it could be one of the experiences that will give you the benefits later. You can have plenty of experience to mingle with people.

In addition there will be many life values ​​that you can get here, and you will also get a lot of amazing experience. If you want to come to an island in the world, you should find accurate information, and note about what culture and customs are in place. And do not forget to learn the language that is where you will visit, because with you learn about their language, customs and culture it means you really appreciate them.

13 Most Beautiful Island In The World

Here are the 13 Most Beautiful Island In The World

1. Bali Island of Gods

The island is the most beautiful first in Indonesia beloved, namely the island of Bali or Dewata with an island of 5.636,66 km2. Quoted via Wikipedia the island is famous for its slogan is Bali Dwipa Jaya is located in part of the Lesser Sunda Islands along the 153 km and 112 km wide about 3.2 km from the island of Java.

Astronomically, Bali is located at 8 ° 25’23 “South Latitude and 115 ° 14’55” East Longitude which makes it tropical like other parts of Indonesia. The island is very rich in natural beauty, the first island has such a beautiful beach.

Beach on this island is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so do not be surprised if the island is full of foreign tourists. There are many beaches on this island, including Kuta Beach, Tanah Lot Beach, Sanur Beach, Canggu Beach and many other beautiful beaches on the island.

The beach here is very modern for example like Kuta Beach, on this beach there are banyaak star hotels, shopping centers, and even luxury retoran which provides various world menu. Besides having many beaches that amaze the world, this island also has many mountains. Based on topgrafi and reliefs that exist, the island of Bali stretches from west to east with many mountains adorned.

Mountain in Bali consists of Mount Merapi including Mount Batur and Mount Agung and the volcano is not volcano, is Mount Merbuk, Mount Patas and Mount Seraya. So you will not be bored if you’re on vacation here, because here you can enjoy nature from the mountains and also from the beach.

The island has many favorite places for local and foreign tourists, such as Jimabaran, Gianyar, Seminyak, Badung, Kuta, Nusa Lembongan and several other places. Also do not forget to keep the courtesy towards other visitors, because mutual respect for each other as visitors is important. And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here.

2. The island of Santorini

The second most beautiful island in the world is the island of Santorini, and the island is located in Greece. Maybe the island for some people sounds unfamiliar, but when they see photos from this island would know right away. The area of ​​the island is about 73 km², with the inhabitants of the island totaling 13,600 Souls in 2001.

The island of Santorini has a very long history, and the island is indeed rich in stories of the past that contains about the origin of human arrival. At first this island is known not by the name of Santorini, but the name of Stongili Rounded .

The island of Santorini has undergone enormous changes due to the eruption of the mountain, so some of this place is depleted and the population of the island is reduced. With the eruption of the ancient time to make this island become fertile, so this island has a volcanic soil that can be planted all the plants.

Did you know if Santorini is known for its wine-rich island, so the island is famous for its very special wines. The wine grown on this island consists of 36 species, but only 4-5 types of wine used for Wine. In addition to the Grapes they crop, it turns out they also have other types of plants that are the mainstay Peanuts.

Santorini turns out to be one of the exporters of Fava Beans, this bean is commonly used to make sauce, pasta, and other processed foods. And they distribute peanuts from their land all over the world. The climate of the island is included in the Mediterranean climate, the sun that always shines throughout the year.

Season on this island there is hot and warm that runs throughout April – October, and rainy or cold season during November – March. If you want to visit here, you should find more information about cuca that is suitable for you on holiday in the most beautiful island in this world.

3. Bora Bora Island

The third most beautiful island is Bora Bora Island, the island is located in the Eifel country of France. According to Wikipedia Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward cluster of the Society Islands, French Polynesia, a French overseas collectivity located in the Pacific Ocean. The island is located about 230 km (140 mi) northwest of Papeete.

The island is surrounded by a lagoon and a row of coral reefs. In the center of the island there is a former volcano that has two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, with the highest point at 727 m (2,385 feet). The island has an international tourism sector, and the island is rich in seafood and coconut trees or more precisely copra.

The population on this island according to the 2008 census reached 8,880 people, and now the number of population is increasing as the number of existing natalitas increases. According to news that there is now the island of Bora Bora progresses, and more and more development is intended to deposit tourism.

In recent years the island’s transportation system was quite difficult, but now the transportation system is easier and the island is easier to access as well. If you come to this island what you can do is Scuba Diving and Snorkelling, but for those of you who choose the underwater tour should be more careful because the island is a species of shark.

With so many species of sharks, the island has an extreme tourist attraction, such as a package of shark feeding and swimming with stingrays. If you are going to vacation to Bora Bora Island, you should look for information as detailed as possible and prepare your holiday with mature. And do not forget to keep the courtesy to other visitors, because mutual respect for each other as a visitor is important. And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here.

4. Java Island

Did you know if the island of Java is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It has an area of ​​126,700 km² (48,919.1 miles²), with a population of about 160 million people. Indonesia has many very beautiful islands, including in Jogjakarta or Gunung Kidul.

In addition there are beaches on the island of Java, there are also many mountains that mengihiasi the surface of this Java. There are 2 types of mountains that exist on the island of Java, including Mount Merapi and that is not a mountain of Merapi.

The mountains spread throughout the province on the island of Java, so you can choose the mountain in which province you want to visit on this island. The majority of the people who live here are Javanese, and use the Javanese language that comes from the mother.

Not only that this island also has many industrial sectors, and also has many sectors of tourism that spread throughout the island of Java. In addition to its stunning nature, this island also has a variety of customs and culture is very impressive. It is formed because of the history that developed since ancient times, with the existence of pre-history is to make Java Island has a beautiful relics of buildings such as temples.

In Java island there are many temples, such as Borobudur Temple, Jawi Temple, Mendut Temple, Pawon Temple, Losari Temple, Umbul Temple and many other temples. If you want to explore the island of Java, you should make a list of mature holidays. Also do not forget to make the right budget estimates to avoid cost constraints during the holidays. And for the problem of the hotel can not be doubted, because in Java there are thousands of hotels with various types.

5. Tahiti Island

If you come to Polenesia, France, then you can come to one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Tahiti Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the island is located in the south of Samura Pacific. According to 2002 the population of the island is about 169,677 inhabitants, and the island has the largest population in France.

According to Wikipedia Tahiti Island has a length of 45 km on the longest side, and has an area of ​​1,048 km² (404 miles²), with the highest point 2,241 m (7,352 feet) above sea level of Mount Orohena. Do you know if in Tahiti there are so many holiday activities that you can do. In addition you can also come to Le Marche, this place is a colorful market that presents a variety of art crafts.

In addition you can also sail around Tahiti Island, and you can rent a boat to enjoy the beauty of Tahiti sea. Meanwhile, if you like the waves, then you can surf here with other surfers of the world. If you want a vacation to Tahiti, you should prepare a holiday as possible. You can stay at this hotel on the most beautiful island, and you can also come here with your friends or your spouse.

Also do not forget to keep the courtesy towards other visitors, because mutual respect for each other as visitors is important. And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here.

6. Hawaiian Island

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Pulai is an island part of the United States, and of course the island is separated from the Americas. The island was first discovered by James Cook, he was an explorer from England.

When James Cook found this island, Hawaii is still in the form of a kingdom that was then led by King Kamehameha I. Will you know if the island of Hawaii has similarities with Java, which has a volcanic soil. Besides Hawaii also has a variety of tourist attractions, and you can visit the hawai with friends or spouses.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an extreme place, here you can find a variety of rare flora and fauna. This place is a favorite place for photography, and you can also climb on some points at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The next recreation place is Wimea Canyon, the place is such a breathtaking place. Here you can climb on high cliffs, besides this place is also very green and beautiful. If you come here should bring enough supplies, other than that do not forget to bring equipment to be in the mountains or in the forest to keep yourself safe.

Also do not forget to keep the courtesy towards other visitors, because mutual respect for each other as visitors is important. And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here.

7. Lombok Island

The most beautiful island in the world next is in Indonesia, namely the island of Lombok. According to Wikipedia Lombok Island (population in 2001: 2,722,123 inhabitants) is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or Nusa Tenggara separated by the Lombok Strait from Bali in western sebelat and the Alas Strait to the east of Sumbawa.

The island is more or less round with a kind of “tail” on the southwest side that is approximately 70 km long. The area of ​​the island reaches 5,435 km², placing it at number 108 from the list of islands based on the breadth of the world. The main city on the island is Mataram City.

In ancient times this island of Lombok named Laeq Kingdom, and the growing times are also growing this one island. The island has many interesting places, including many beaches that have clear water and shimmering sand beaches. If you come here, you can stay in this hotel on the island.

Lombok Island is a very beautiful island, facilities on the island is also very complete. You can shop and just ride on the beach, you can rent some bikes around the beach. In addition there are also many food or beverage sellers. If you want to feel a different sensation, you can come to the hills on this island.

You can come here with friends, spouse or even your family. If you come here do not forget to keep the courtesy of other visitors, because mutual respect for each other as a visitor is important. And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here.

8. Komodo Island

The most beautiful island in the world is Komodo Island is the eighth. This island is very often heard in the ears of the people of India, because the island is very protected by the government. Komodo Island is an island located in Nusa Tenggara, and this is the original place aka habitat of rare animals namely Komodo.

Quoted from Wikipedia on this island administratively, this island belongs to Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Komodo Island is the westernmost tip of East Nusa Tenggara Province, bordering the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Here the animal steps can breed very well. In addition on this island there is a Wae Wuul Nature Reserve, in the reserve is approximately there are about 100 Komodo dragons. If you want to see other places of interest in this place, you can come to some historical places here. Did you know if the island of Komodo entered in one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, so this island is really protected in the eyes of the world.

9. Gili Meno Island

The most beautiful island in the ninth world is Gili Meno Island. This island is a favorite island of nature lovers, here you can do Snorkelling or Diving. This place has many collections of rare birds, so this one island is protected by government.

The island of Gili Meno only has about 500 residents, and the island is practically very quiet. In addition to many rare birds here, the coral reefs under the sea Gili Meno is amazing. You can see all kinds of very beautiful fish, and even you can swim with them.

You can come here with friends, spouse or even your family. If you come here do not forget to keep the courtesy of other visitors, because mutual respect for each other as a visitor is important.

And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here. Next make sure if you already have the right holiday schedule, and you should also have details of the budget that you will use for a vacation later.

10. Nantucket Island

Nantucket Island is one of the islands in the United States. The island is located 50 km from the south, Cape Cod. Based on census records in 2010, the island has the largest population of 10,172 people.

When the summer is there are so many American people who come here, they come here for a vacation with their spouse, friends and family. If you want to see the most expensive house in the world, you can come here. Nantucket Island has the price of the most expensive homes in the world with extraordinary facilities.

If you come here do not forget to keep courtesy towards other visitors and the surrounding community, because mutual respect for each other as a visitor is important. And make sure if you know how much budget you need to visit here. Next make sure if you already have the right holiday schedule, and you should also have details of the budget that you will use for a vacation later.

11. Maldives Island

Maldives Island is an island located on the outskirts of the Pacific Ocean and in Maldives Island has a tropical climate that makes the archipelago this maladewa can provide a very exotic scenery that is like a garden of heaven on earth. Not only like the garden of heaven but from that, in this maladewa island has many flora and fauna that do not exist in other islands.

When you want to visit this island you will be welcomed with coral reefs that are on the island maldives, coral reefs are very beautiful that there is also white sand that stranded as white and shiny crystals. Maldivian island is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy vacation time with your family. This island is also the most beautiful island in the world.

12. Palawan Island

With the beauty that is already in possession and this amazing, the beauty of palawan island is very suitable if dubbed with Heaven on the earth. Palawan Island is indeed never going to lie about the beauty that it has because it is really amazing.

On this island there are various kinds that really make you surprised surprised because fertile and beautiful. There are tropical fishes that will offer you a dive to enjoy the beauty of the water directly.

The best diving fish ever in the world to make this island palawan has its own charm when compared with other islands. It is suitable for those of you who like the beauty of nature. Come and take a vacation here to get a breathtaking view.

13. Seychelles Island

The most beautiful islands in the world are Seychelles Island. Seychelles Island is also one of the islands that have a sparse beauty in possession with the other islands. Seychelles Island is located in Eastern Kenya, where seychelles island is also already known by all tourists with the natural beauty that exists.

Natural beauty that is in Seychelles Island is one of them is coral reefs, coral reefs that there are about 115 and rare to live in other islands. In addition to coral reefs then the island also has a flora and fauna that already live on this island.

Even Flora and Fauna on this island has been recognized by UNESCO that this flora and fauna is a legacy of the world and is obliged to be protected. So you are also required to come and resemble flora and fauna that exist in this island.

Well now you already know right where the most beautiful islands in the world, and it turns out Indonesia has many islands that are so beautiful in the eyes of the world. You can choose which island will be your holiday destination. When you are going on a holiday trip, you should always pay attention to the preparation, so that your vacation becomes terecana and far from things that harm.

Top 12 Places to Visit in California You Should Try

Vacationing in America is not enough for just 1 week, because there are too many cities and destinations that you must explore when in California. So, when you have a long time off work or just want to quit the daily routine. We recommend that you decide California, Uncle Sam State to be one of your tourist destinations.

California is a State located on the west coast of the United States. The country has the largest number of inhabitants in the United States, and California is a nation of diverse ethnicities. That’s why California has the official nickname as The Golden State. California became the dominant driver of American culture as well as the state economy. The country has the largest and most attractive cities in the US, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

California has beautiful natural landscapes featuring vast central valleys, tall mountains, hot deserts, and hundreds of beautiful coastal miles. With an area of ​​410,000 sq km, this is why California is the largest state in the United States.

With the beauty of California, you should make this country your destination.

Top 12 Places to Visit in California You Should Try

Here Some of the places you should visit while in California:

1. Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge Bridge is a suspension bridge along the Golden Gate. This bridge is enabled to connect the city of San Francisco, California on the peninsula of San Francisco and Mari County, California. Golden Gate Bridge has a length of about 2727 m. Just like any other historical building, the Golden Gate Bridge, is the work of Joseph Strauss. Since its completion in 1937 (for 37 years), this bridge is crowned as the longest bridge in the world.

In accordance with the meaning of the Golden Gate Bridge which means the Golden Door. This bridge is very famous all over the world. According to Frommer’s Travel Guide , the Golden Gate Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world, and the most beautiful bridge and the most widely photographed throughout the universe. American Society of Cicil Engineers, this bridge is claimed to be one of the best examples in bridge engineering, whether aesthetically or exquisitely as well as its structural design. Generally tourists who come to this place will be dropped  near the bottom of the bridge near Toll Plaza. From here the tourists can gaze at the Golden Gate Bridge up close.

2. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park offers unlimited beauty offers for recreational visitors and locals. This place has 1000 hectares of gardens, grasslands, lakes, golf, archery, and there is art and science museum that has been recognized internationally. The construction of the Golden Gate Park is to attract residents in developing the region.

Golden Gate Park is home to ten lakes, this place one of the most popler places to visit. Many activities you can do in this place. Each year this park arrives over 13 million visitors. Not hran because in this place you will see a lot of tourist attractions that you will get. Starting from De Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden garden and conservation area.

The management provides a variety of spots for you to visit. Not only that you can feel a picnic under a very beautiful meadow tree, or you can along the beautiful Lake Stow. So do not just visit the famous Golden Gate bridge. You must make this place one of your travel destinations while in California.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park

Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park has been a growing company of the San Francisco fishery industry. In this place you can see the fishing boats at the Wharf wharf. In addition you can enjoy the old sea adjacent to Hyde Street Pier, where this place as a place of historic boats closure, in this place you can visit the Maritime Museum.

In this place has many tourist attractions that can be visited by the tourists, including the Aquarium of The Bay, street magic show, The Rocket Ship, Restaurant, souvenir shop, and various amusement rides for children. For those of you who intend to visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square & Aquatic Park, it is advisable to come at night because this place is nice to enjoy for a walk at night.

4. Natural Bridges

When you plan on visiting Natural Bridges, do not forget you should wear comfortable sport shoes. Because you have to walk far enough to reach a natural bridge that has a cave-like shape on top of Coyote Creek. This bridge is not just one, but there is more than one bridge or cave at the end of this hiking trail , and all have no different beauty. If you want to explore further up to the end of the cave, you must prepare a swimsuit because you have to plunge into the river. But Ansda does not have to worry about the river that is in the Natural Bridges has no inside that can drown your body.

5. Yosemite National Park

This place is in northern California, this national park not only attracts international tourists. However, domestic tourists from various other states in the United States also visited this place. When you get to this place, be amazed to see the various splendors of nature created in this park.

You can see the huge rocks of El Capitan, the gorgeous valley of Yosemita Valley formed by glaciers thousands of years ago, and the Yosemite Falls waterfall, whose height reaches 435 meters.

6. Napa Valley

Are you a person who loves wine? Well Napa Valley is one of the places you should visit while in California. Napa Valley is a Napa valley located in the coastal area of ​​California that produces fine wines. Napa Velly has been identified as the largest wine producer for consumers worldwide. This place is suitable for cultivating various varieties of wine, one of which is Cabernet Sauvignon which is recognized as the king of red wine in Napa Valley.

Explore the wineries while sipping and have a moment to stop at one of the wineries to just enjoy the wine tasting. When tiredness comes, do not worry in Napa Valley you can enjoy a relaxing massage session at one of the many spas here. If you want to enjoy the experience, unforgettable you must take a trip  with a hot air balloon to see the view of the valley from a height

7. Pismo Beach

It’s not a complete holiday in California if you have not spent time on the beach. Of the many beaches along the west coast of America, it is rather difficult to find a deserted beach because the western coast of America is like a lonely visitor.

Pismo Beach is located south of Paso Robles, this area not only presents a number of beautiful small beaches, but in Pismo Beach there are parks, nature conservation, and wineries that are not less beautiful than Napa Valley. If you want to stay at Pismo Beach, do not worry about accommodation because there are many inns from hotels to luxury resorts that all offer sea views

8. San Diego

San Diego is a coastal city in Southern California located in the southwest corner of mainland United States. Not only Pismo Beach, California has a wide selection of beaches. If you claim to be a beach lover, San Diego must be on your vacation list while in California.

Not only are the many beautiful beaches you can visit, this border city of Mexico also has a major zoo in America, the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. And no less popular is the San Diego Sea World which not only has complete marine animals, but there are many exciting rides that you can try.

9. Lake Tahoe

A large lake halfway across California and half in Nevada is an ideal holiday destination worth visiting in various seasons. Many activities you can do in this place, such as swimming, sailing by boat like kayak or just sunbathing while enjoying the clear water lake, bersepedah or hiking into a popular activity that you can do in the summer. While when you visit this place during the winter, Lake Tahoe usually filled by ski lovers, sledding, and sleigh riding.

In this area, referred to as Tahoe, there are a number of places to ski and open recreation in the summer. This lake is the second deepest lake in the United States. Although most of Lake Tahoe’s circles are highways within close proximity so that the edge of the lake can be seen clearly. The Lake Tahoe Basin was formed by a fracture of geologic clusters some 2 to 3 million years ago.

10. Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the oldest amusement parks located in Buena Park, California, United States. This amusement park is famous for having a rides game that is classic and interesting to try. The rides offered at Knott’s Berry Farm are 40 game rides that can test your adrenaline. Among them are roller coaster, play water defense, and other bebrapa wahanan. Like other playgrounds Knott’s Berry Farm has a slogam  “American theme park” .

11. Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina Island, is a very beautiful little island. To get to this place you are required to use the  ferry. On this island, you will not see a private car passing by. Vehicles are allowed on this island, only bicycles, taxis, and  golf cart  policy is taken because the island of Santa Catalina is small. Because the island is small, a  day trip  is enough to explore the island. The activities you can do on the island include swimming, sunbathing, fishing, or even diving. If you intend to spend the night on the island,  camping  becomes one of the popular options on the island.

12. Death Valley

We advise you to visit this place in winter or spring, because you do not have to bother to fight the heat while walking through the beauty of this Death Valley. When you are in this place, you will feel in the middle of a vast expanse of sand and unlimited. When you plan to come to this place, we suggest you take a tour to see the remains of the dead city, which will make your hair stand up.

We recommend when you make California a vacation destination. You better prepare travel bags and backpack praktid , to load all the needs while you are in California in order to facilitate you move the destination.

Top 22 Interesting Places in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne is a city in the bay of Port Philip and was established in 1835. Being a center of tourism, sports, entertainment, education, arts and commerce, it is no wonder Melbourne is better known today as the cultural capital of Australia.

Top 22 Interesting Places in Melbourne Australia

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Here is a range of attractions in Melbourne Australia that can be visited when a vacation is a tourist place in australia

Yarra River

It boils down to Port Phillip Bay, this river through Melbourne’s rural and suburbs to the city center and the Docklands. It is in this area that tourists can find the most popular golf courses in Melbourne and a park along the grounds.

Keep in mind that Melbourne was established on the banks of the Yarra River in 1835 where then the river water became the most important in supporting the lives of residents who live in the city. To be able to get a nice experience watching the beauty of this river, using a boat yacht moored in the Federation Square area would be better.

Luna Park

This tourist spot is quite popular, especially wareya called Scenic Railway Roller Coaster. For those travelers who like rides with higher levels of challenge, this one rides can be tried because from here you can get a panoramic view of Port Phillip Bay.

Luna Park itself was opened in 1912 which marks how old this park is, but its appeal is getting bigger, especially because there are all kinds of food offered in this place so that the visitors do not easy to starve.

  • Luna Park operational hours vary greatly every month, it would be better if directly get information from the official website.
  • For rides, adult visitors (13 years and over) are charged USD 49.50 or about Rp 651 thousand, children aged 4-12 years are charged USD 39.50 or approximately USD 519 thousand, and the toddlers charged USD 16.50 or approximately USD 217 thousand . The price is for unlimited tickets .

Albert Park

From the city center, Albert park can be reached only by traveling about 3 kilometers. This park is known as the best place to be home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in March each year.

This park is also often used as a place to play and exercise, even many people who come just to relax enjoy the scenery. There are three main picnic areas that travelers can explore and all have shelter, electric barbecues , lush trees, tables and toilets for those wanting to relax while barbecue -an. Sports lovers can also enjoy the sport of golf as there is a golf course open to the public in this park area.

Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden

This tourist site is known as home to the oldest traditional labyrinth in Australia where you will find Lavender Labyrinth and the labyrinth of Circular Rose planted with 1,200 roses. For visitors who like challenges and exciting things, exploring the labyrinth in this place would be fun.

Kids can also have fun with Great Ashcombe Gnome Hunt. In addition there are also Ashcombe cafes as well as some souvenir shops and plant seeds that can be visited if you are interested to shop or buy plant seeds.

  • Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Garden is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Adult visitors are charged USD 18.50 entrance fee or approximately USD 243 thousand, children aged 4-15 years charged USD 10 or approximately USD 132 thousand, while children under 3 years free.

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

Like and fond of strawberries? Strawberry fields in Melbourne will satisfy your holiday. To reach this location, it will only take you 75 minutes from the city by car from the city center.

No need to pay a fortune to be able to visit and pick the preferred strawberries and picking usually begins in November which is the end of spring until April which is the beginning of autumn. Not just picking, visit also Dessert Cafe to taste dessert made from strawberry main.

  • Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm from May to October is open only on Fridays to Sundays with operating hours from 11 noon to 4 pm.
  • The U-Pick Season is held from November to April from 9am to 5pm.

Melbourne Aquarium

For those who vacation with family, let alone bring children, it is advisable to visit the Melbourne Aquarium where you and your family can enjoy the life of the creatures from the Southern Ocean.

Along with other Antarctic creatures, penguins are the main spotlight in this place. There are more rather tense attractions, the Oceanarium is creepy and shaky with an aquarium containing sharks, turtles and stingrays.

  • Melbourne Aquarium is open daily from half past 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Buying tickets online will save more and for family tickets will cost from USD 84.15 or about Rp 1.1 million.

Old Melbourne Gaol

This former prison building is now functioned as a museum. This place is very famous to be home to many criminals, including fugitive Ned Kellu. There are already about 135 people hanged in this place during Old Melbourne Gaol serving as a prison from 1845 to 1924.

The museum exhibits a death mask as well as a wealth of information related to the prison and its inmates. Because dikabarkan berhentu, then this museum then just open the night tour and staging every Saturday the theme of life and death of the famous inmate, Ned Kelly.

  • Old Melbourne Gaol is open daily from half past 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Adult visitors are charged an entrance fee of USD 25 or approximately USD 329 thousand, while children are charged USD 13.50 or approximately USD 178 thousand.

Flagstaff Garden

Built in 1862 in downtown Melbourne, this is the oldest city park that can be visited to take pictures and relax. If you come to this location, the scenery you will get, among others, is the office workers sitting on the grass during lunch break.

The park is also close to the Queen Victoria Market which offers a variety of goods and food with its many stalls. Walking through this park, you will also find memorial statues that can be immortalized.

Immigration Museum

This museum is so famous because this is the place where the identity and essence of Melbourne are linked to each other. Not only do you offer to walk back in time, visitors here will know more and explore how immigrants interact with modern society.

Historical lovers will love the location of this tour because it can learn many things, including the lives of the first settlers who existed in the 1800s, how the population in Australia woke up, as well as the journey that marks the life of an immigrant.

  • Immigration Museum is open daily except Good Friday and Christmas Day, from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Visitors are charged an entrance fee between USD 14-15 or approximately USD 184-197 thousand.

Lygon Street

As an area considered a small Italian, Lygon Street was once the cultural center of Melbourne cafe. Along this Lygon street, you will easily find many cake shops and bars apart from cafes.

Not only can a culinary tour, you can also shop shopping in clothing stores in this area. Even bookstores and cinemas are also here, like the biggest and most valuable in Melbourne, La Mama Theater and Cinema Nova.

Melbourne Museum

A museum in Melbourne that will surely provide a different experience for both adults and children alike where there are a series of permanent exhibits on environmental, historical and cultural themes.

There are several galleries that can be traced, ie Forest Gallery, children’s area and Aboriginal Gallery. Much of what this museum brings through its exhibits and a fairly striking building designed with a glass facade , the Melbourne Museum does not immediately capture your attention as it is just behind the Royal Exhibition Building at Carlton Gardens.

  • Melbourne Museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm except on Good Friday and Christmas Day.
  • Adult visitors are charged an entrance fee of USD 14 or approximately USD 184 thousand, while children under the age of 16 years free.

St. Anthony’s Cathedral Paul

Located in the heart of Melbourne, this cathedral is one of the objects of religious tourism that can be visited. Built in 1835, this cathedral and metropolitan church is located on Melbourne’s first public Christian service site. Its architecture shows everything, from a charming gothic transition style.

It is also known that this cathedral has the second highest Anglican tower in the world. Worshiping and searching the cathedral is very welcome and visitors will be welcomed, and there is even a Cathedral Shop inside the church that sells various souvenirs and religious goods at promotional prices.

  • St. Anthony’s Cathedral Paul is open every day; Monday to Friday is open from 8 am to 6 pm Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm and on Sundays it is open from half past eight in the morning until half past eight.
  • For Cathedral Shop, service from 10 am to 3 pm.

St. Anthony’s Cathedral Patrick

One more cathedral that will complement your architecture and religious travel, namely St. Patrick is located on the eastern outskirts of the city center and surrounded by pretty gardens.

Gothic Revival style, the construction of this church was from the early fourteenth century where its layout was based on the Latin cross. William Wardell is a famous ecclesiastical architect who designed this cathedral, not just the building but also the brass and mosaic items you can see when entering the church room.

  • Visitors can explore the cathedral and worship at the daily mass on Sunday at half past 10 am, 11 pm and half 7 pm.
  • There is a Cathedral Shop that will serve Mondays to Fridays from half past 10 am to 5 pm, and Sundays from half past 9 am to 1 pm.

Scienceworks Museum

Melbourne apparently has many museums and another one that will make family holidays even more fun, the Scienceworks Museum offering a diverse range of science and technology, historical exhibits, cosmic adventures and livedemonstrations .

One of the highlights that should not be missed here is the Melbourne Planetarium with its 16-meter-high ceiling. Visitors will also be spoiled for barbecues, cafes, playgrounds and seating for adults and children alike.

  • Scienceworks Museum is open daily except Good Friday and Christmas Day, from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Adult visitors are charged USD 14 entrance fee or approximately USD 184 thousand, while children aged 16 years and under are free.

Rippon Lea House and Gardens

From downtown Melbourne, you’ll be able to reach this tourist location in just 20 minutes. Victoria house that has existed since the 19th century is still very neat and well maintained. The construction is very good because there is a native plantation of Melbourne which is also equipped with modern plumbing and electricity.

This historic home can be visited by tourists by searching for 15 different rooms where each room really offers an extraordinary luxury. Fun, here you can enjoy tea in the garden or even play casual games.

  • Rippon Lea House and Gardens is open daily from 10am to 5pm.
  • Adult visitors are charged an entrance fee of USD 15 or approximately USD 197 thousand, while children aged 15 years and under are charged USD 9 or about Rp 118 thousand.

Brighton Beach

Bay in Port Phillip Bay is very interesting to disambangi because it is so beautiful scenery and charming. There are yacht clubs, boutiques, beachside cafes, cinemas, and boardwalks that will definitely add to the satisfaction of the beach visitors.

Being guarded by professional beach guards, visitors who want to shout in the water like swimming are very safe and safe. This European nuance is only about 11 kilometers from downtown Melbourne and when here you will be amazed by the white sand that is the main attraction of this beach.

Chapel Street

For those of you who love to walk in Melbourne, Chapel Street is dominated by cafes and shopping centers not to be missed because the tourists will love adventure in this area.

You can even watch or ride a classic Melbourne tram that often goes this way, or it may be fun to have a bar here. The Prahran Markets which is the oldest food market in Melbourne can also be found on this street, from snacks to seafood and meat and fresh breads can be bought and processed.

  • Chapel Street operates from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, then on Friday is open from 10 am to half 9 pm. Especially on Sundays it opens later than 11 am to half 6 pm.
  • Some stores have different opening hours.

Fitzroy Gardens

It is one of the parks established in the 19th century, Fitzroy Gardens was built with a good purpose, namely to preserve and create a green space within the city.

This park is the best in the city of Melbourne, especially when you come right in the fall, ie between April to June where the park looks so charming. The main attraction of this park is Captain Cooks Cottage which was transported from England in 1934. There is a free tour around Fitzroy Gardens every Wednesday at half past 1 pm and is the most beautiful sight in the world .

Cook’s Cottage

As mentioned earlier, Cook’s Cottage is an important attraction to visit when visiting Fitzroy Gardens. This historic building is considered one of the most significant in Australia since it was built in 1755 in England before it was finally transported to Australia in 1934.

Designed and built by the parents of Captain James Cook, this building features uniqueness through the antiques displayed here. Upon entry, you will also be greeted by the staff wearing the 18th century costume.

  • Cook’s Cottage is open daily from 9am to 5pm.
  • Adult visitors are charged an entrance fee of USD 6.20 or approximately USD 81 thousand, while children aged 5-15 years charged USD 3.20 or about Rp 42 thousand.


Melbourne also has a Chinatown that will be a paradise of Chinese people or Chinese descendants living in Melbourne, as well as for tourists who are curious about this Chinese-smelling market.

Dominated by Chinese shops, you are bewildered to be next to where this Chinatown must instantly find it when you see the automatic red arch looming as a pointer that you have reached the entrance of Chinatown. A variety of fruits and Chinese dishes can be found and tasted here; as your buyer can also bargain.

Colonial Tramcar

The Colonial Tramcar restaurant offers high-class dining while wandering through the city streets because it is a tram that will allow you to eat, relax while wandering around in the tram.

A variety of delicious food will be served to you where local produce is the main ingredient, in addition there is a wide selection of alcoholic beverages also provided from the bar. Prepare more budget to be able to enjoy a first class restaurant full of comfort.

  • For lunch (1-3 pm) with 4 main menu, visitors need to pay around USD 85 per head or Rp 1.1 million.
  • To eat early (5.45-7.15 pm) with 3 main menu, visitors need to pay around USD 82 per person or Rp 1 million.
  • For dinner (8.35-11.30 pm) with 5 main menu from Sunday to Thursday visitors are charged USD 125 or approximately USD 1.6 million, while on Friday and Saturday visitors must pay USD 140 or about Rp 1.8 million.

Queen Victoria Market

Opened from 1878, this market is never deserted for being one of Melbourne’s best parts for shopping for fresh vegetables and fruits. Not only that, this historic market also offers a variety of seafood, herbs, cheese and gourmetmeats . When you come to this spot, do not be surprised because this place is always busy and vibrant atmosphere, especially on Easter and Christmas. During the summer, Wednesday night there is always a Night Market full of entertainment and delicious food, while on Sunday it will be filled with outdoorcafes and children’s rides.

  • Queen Victoria Market is open on Monday, Wednesday and Wednesday.
  • Visitors will not be charged anything to enter this market area.

That’s a number of tourist attractions in Melbourne Australia are fun, fun and educate the tourists as well. Congratulations planning your holiday to Melbourne and wishing your days in this city is amazing.